and hour and a half in sai later, i produce  drawing of an anime character i i know nothing about. i do not watch sailor moon. ??????


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Galaxy seifuku review
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No you dont realize, this is 60$. Thats fucking insanely cheap for something of this caliber.

It’s worth it imo.

but you can get it for way cheaper with taobao and an ss?

In the end you’ll end up with the same prices because of the service costs and such.

Depends on the SS you use. For example, pretend you are ordering a purple galaxy seifuku and only that seifuku. Let’s use this listing for the example. Let’s say you’re using Celestial Delinquent, a shopping service that is price-wise, middle of the line and has excellent service. Now if you’re getting only the seifuku you could ship it in a small registered air packet. Being based in Singapore, the SS costs are listed in SGD (an easy conversion to do with google or paypal). A purple seifuku costs ¥109. With addition of her service cost, it comes out to be 28.49 SGD, or about $23 USD. WIth the additional cost of the small air packet shipping (the cheapest shipping available for that item alone) and the rates provided by CD, I would budget/guess you’re paying $15 maximum (it’s by weight and idk how much the seifuku weighs exactly). 

So on that particular listing, from that particular SS, with that particular shipping method, you’d be at approximately $38.

The point is, if you do your research and shop around you can absolutely find a better deal. However, you aren’t going to have the convenience of just adding it to your shopping cart and letting the shop owner do the rest of the work.


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